An Indiegogo campaign to rent a billboard saying Indiegogo supports racist cops

Indiegogo — a crowdfunding website that people use when they’re not entirely confident their idea will be fully-funded using Kickstarter — is currently hosting, and profiting from, five separate campaigns to raise money for Michael T. Slager, the racist cop who murdered Walter Scott by shooting him in the back.

The campaigns appeared on Indiegogo after they were rejected from GoFundMe. There is currently a petition to get them taken down. The site has been dodgy about why they haven’t yet rejected the campaign, replying to one emailed complaint, saying that they’ll review the campaign, adding that “Indiegogo enables anyone, anywhere to raise money for any idea the crowd wishes to fund.”

Well, in that case, they should have no problem with our campaign to raise money to build a giant meat grinder to feed orphans into. Pretty crazy that Indiegogo supports and profits from the death of abandoned children.

But wait — if that campaign is too violent for your tastes, feel free to donate to our alternative campaign, to raise money to rent a billboard across the street from Indiegogo’s San Francisco headquarters announcing that they support racist police.


Remember, Indiegogo enables anyone to raise money for any idea “the crowd” wishes to fund, even if that idea is to erect a billboard that criticizes their cynical policies in full view of their main office. Unless, of course, they take a more active role in eliminating hateful, racist crowdfunding campaigns. Ah, the misery of democracy.

Update: Indiegogo has canceled the Slager campaigns.