Castrated bull statue has penis reattached

We return once again to Hurricane, Utah, where the saga of that bull statue’s dick somehow manages to continue. When we last checked in, Stephen Ward, owner of Barista’s restaurant and the large metal bull sculpture on top, was castrating his beloved copper cattle amid pressure from the local townsfolk. It seems that Ward has had a change of heart though, because the inexplicably conical dick is right back where it belongs.

Ward was pressured by locals to remove the appendage because they found it in poor taste, especially since the restaurant is right across the street from a high school. Side note: if you think a statue of a bull is going to corrupt the fragile minds of high school kids, I have some horrible news about this thing called the internet. He eventually did chop off the offending johnson, but said he did it because he thought it looked better, not because anybody told him to.

Ward has since changed his mind though, stating he did it for his customers. “I’ve got people coming from all over the world and they’re like, ‘Where’s the penis?’ I’ve got people coming from North Carolina, I’ve got people from China…I put the dick back up for my customers because they want the dick. My customers like dick,” he explained.

Ward also did his best to convince everyone that he’s actually a crazy person who has lost touch with reality:

I am worth millions, and I’m just waiting to sue. I’ve got em by the balls, bro, so hard, and I’m squeezing them so hard they don’t know where to run. They hate me, and I hate them. I want to kick the mayor’s ass. K. I want to challenge any of them to a fight, all of ‘em at the same time in the ring. I’m a full contact Kempo fighter, with Bernstien back in the ‘80s, but I’m 52 in October.

So yeah, at this point the residents of Hurricane should probably just be thankful Ward hasn’t climbed up to the top of the restaurant himself and just started waving his cock around.

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