Exclusive Premiere: 1,2,3’s ‘Bigger Black Car’

Brooklyn-based label Ooh La La is celebrating five years of existence by releasing a B-side from its very first signing back in 2010, Pittsburgh band 1,2,3. “Bigger Black Car” features a slower, bluesier shuffle than 2010’s 7″ single “Confetti,” which had Big Star/T-Rex vibes all over it, but singer Nic Snyder’s anguished wail recognizably remains.

Ooh La La went digging through their archives to find the track in honor of the indie label’s fifth year, which will see releases by Minneapolis-based Aero Flynn (produced by Justin Vernon) and Brooklyn’s Fort Lean.

Stream “Bigger Black Car” below. You can buy the track on iTunes here, and order the limited edition 7″ vinyl for 1,2,3’s debut single, “Confetti,” here.