Ponytail Call It Quits

Molly Siegel and the Baltimore art-rockers decide to hang it up after five years.

Ponytail Call It Quits

Sad news for all you art-rock freaks, it looks like Baltimore’s Ponytail are heading out to pasture. Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong delivered the news via email after the band’s Saturday hometown set at Whartscape. He wrote:

“The set at Whartscape would probably be the last show in a while. Everybody is off going about their own endeavors, which is really exciting, I think. Ken’s writing his own music and Molly is on a journey to find her self and Jeremy drums for the Boredoms now. I think it’s really good, and if by chance the scattered happens to gather again, it would be another interesting experiment.”

Wong is releasing his own solo endeavor through Thrill Jockey and it looks like the other members are working on their own projects. Below you can hear a recording of “Die Allman Bruders” from what will most likely be their last show. Enjoy the final yelps of the ever frenetic Molly Siegel—it could be a while before you hear them again. Thankfully, we caught Ponytail’s ecstatic set at Siren Festival in July.

[Via Bmore Musically Informed]

Ponytail – Die Allman Bruders (live @ Whartscape 2010) by Bmore Musically Informed