The Teen Age have a dangerous pizza party in ‘Low Cunning’ video [exclusive]

The Teen Age are a fun, punky garage rock band that can often be seen gigging around Brooklyn’s various classy musical establishments. Named for these terrifying times in which we live, they do a nice job balancing noisy aggression with poppy ear candy and have opened for the likes of Diarrhea Planet and Twin Peaks.

Taken from their recent two-track digital single (out now on Old Flame Records), “Low Cunning” is an ode to being young, dumb, and prone to injury. The accompanying music video–premiering here today–is appropriately silly, showing the guys as they hang out, eat pizza, drink beer, and…develop mysterious injuries? It’s not clear what keeps happening to them, but by the end of it they’re all in terrible shape. And yet, they remain committed to finishing their pie. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that life contains both good (pizza) and bad (black eyes), and sometimes you just need to party through the pain.