George Zimmerman has been shot

George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting in Lake Mary, Florida, Monday afternoon.

Officers at the scene said that the incident involved two men and that Zimmerman had suffered a minor gunshot wound, according to Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell. WFTV reports that Zimmerman sustained the injury to his face.

The shooting may have been related to an “ongoing incident” between Zimmerman and another person, said Bracknell. WESH chopper footage showed a bullet hole in the passenger side window of Zimmerman’s truck.

Kenneth Cornell, an employee at a nearby business, told CNN that he was exiting his car when the shooter drove up on him and started yelling “I shot George Zimmerman! Call 911, I don’t have a phone!” According to Cornell, the man said Zimmerman, who he had had previous disputes with, had waived a gun at him, causing the man to shoot at him. It is unknown if the shooter has been apprehended.

Don West, Zimmerman’s lawyer, told WESH that the bullet missed Zimmerman’s head but that he was sprayed with broken glass from the windshield. West also said that Zimmerman has already been released from the hospital.

A witness at the scene, Ricardo Berrare, said Zimmerman “walked normally into [an] ambulance” that happened to be parked nearby and “he wasn’t being helped or nothing.”

TMZ is reporting that police have said they were called to the scene in response to a “road rage incident.” Zimmerman’s lawyer reportedly told the outlet that “the other driver drove along side his client and fired into the driver’s side window.”

The shooting is the latest in a series of violent incidents Zimmerman has been involved in. Since being acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2013, Zimmerman has been arrested three times for domestic assault. Charges were dropped in each case because the victims recanted their stories.

UPDATE: The man who shot at Zimmerman was identified by police as Matthew Apperson. The two were previously involved in a road rage incident in which Zimmerman threatened to “fucking kill him.”