Here’s a browser extension that changes Rand Paul’s name to Taco Bonerstink

I made a browser extension that swaps the names of every presidential candidate with a gross nickname. If you have Chrome, you can load it here. If not, you’ll just have to live vicariously through the example pictures below.

Once you install it and restart your browser, Rand Paul becomes Taco Bonerstink:


Ted Cruz becomes Lil Baby Pee Pee:


And as a fun bonus, the late Chucky Johnson (RIP!) becomes Floor Pooper. Hopefully this makes reading election coverage more bearable.


You get the idea.

Obviously I owe a huge creative debt to the Redskins Web Skin and Millennials to Snake People. If you notice any weird bugs (like, there’s an issue with bold names that I’m too tired to figure out) and know how to fix them, hit me up on Twitter. This is my first extension and I’m learning to code and I probably fucked everything up a whole bunch. But I’m pretty sure this thing will work like 75% of the time which is good enough for a dumb joke like this.