Here’s a browser extension that redacts brand names

Since Adblock Plus can’t really defend against sponsored content, I made a browser extension for Google Chrome that redacts brand names. You can download it here.

It’s a less funny/perverse version of my Name Swamp extension, which changes every presidential candidates name to something gross. If you enable it, and then click on a New York Times piece about Axe Body Spray, it should look like this:


And here’s what Coca-Cola’s Twitter account looks like:


And sponsored content should look like this:


You get the idea. So far there are only ~200 brands included (view the full list here), and it’s very buggy. Sorry! I’ll add more brands in the future, and fix the bugs, if people seem to like it, and if not, I’ll quietly hide my face in shame and walk deep into a forest and sacrifice myself to ravenous wolves.

But hopefully this will be a decent tool that will allow you to browse the internet without being bombarded by advertisements for garbage you don’t need, from large corporations that █████████████ and █████████████ because █████████.