Sure, let this gadget electrocute your brain to make you feel better, why not

A team of neuroscience and biomedical engineering experts developed a new alternative to clean healthy living for people who want to feel good. All you have to do is strap a machine to your forehead and let it electrocute your brain a little.

Thync, as the gadget is called, uses low-level electric currents to affect the brain’s chemical activity, tickling cranial nerves to create biological responses like relaxation and alertness. It’s controlled via a Bluetooth connection to a phone app, which allows the user to dial in the intensity and duration of the zapping.

Hope King tested Thync for CNN Money, and says she only had to sit through two rounds of extreme pain with the device before she was able to get it to work as advertised.

When he turned on the app, it felt like short pins and needles were shooting into my scalp — rapidly. He thought it was a fluke so we tried again, in the same place. The sensation almost caused me to give up. What was I doing to myself?

I let him attempt once more — desperately hoping that the calm setting would actually kick in and erase the fear and anxiety I had developed. Luckily it did.

Within a few minutes, I felt my speech slow and drop in volume. I felt serene and at ease for about an hour.

So there you have it. The key to happiness can be yours for only $299. If you’re a little short on cash, just stick a fork in a toaster. Probably same diff.

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