Cosby Show actor calls Cosby ‘a public disgrace’

On Tuesday, Cosby Show actor turned conservative Christian personality Joseph C. Phillips wrote an incendiary post on his blog titled “Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty.” The post detailed how Phillips idolized Bill Cosby before working with him on the show, in which he played Denise Huxtable’s husband Martin Kendall for three years. He also detailed how he remained skeptical of the persistent assault claims until he ran into a female friend who formerly considered Cosby her mentor. Like many other women who Cosby “mentored,” the woman told Phillips a disturbing story which finally changed his perspective on the man he formerly exalted as a beloved role model.

On Wednesday, Phillips appeared on CNN New Day to expound on the remarks made in his essay. Phillips wasn’t hesitant to out any specific details about his friend or what exactly she endured aside from the fact that she was an actress. “I had to look with sober eyes at what was going on,” Phillips said after hearing his friend tell of her implied assault.

New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota brought up the fact that longtime Cosby defender Whoopi Goldberg only recently changed her tune about the comedian’s nearly four dozen reported instances of drugging and sexually assaulting women.

“Well, listen, this was ‘America’s Dad.’ He was not just black America’s father,” responded Phillips. “He was America’s father. People in this country, and I think all over the world, love this man, as I say I loved him. And it’s very difficult to wrap your mind around the dark side we’re beginning to see.”

As for what should happen to the alleged serial rapist from this point on, Phillips remarked, “Behaviors demand consequences.”

“If he’s guilty, there should be consequences,” said Phillips. “I think he’s suffering consequences right now. This is a man who was beloved by everyone — now he is a pariah, he is a public disgrace. He doesn’t have time to erase and spruce up his legacy.”

There are plenty of people who think he deserves more severe punishment than just a hit to his legacy.