Muslim Taxi Driver Stabbing: More Than Meets the Eye?

Whether or not the stabbing of a Muslim taxi driver is an isolated incident or the start of new wave of caucasian extremism remains to be seen.

Muslim Taxi Driver Stabbing: More Than Meets the Eye?

As a lifetime resident of New York City and a former bike messenger, I’ve wanted to kill taxi drivers on more then one occasion, mostly because they would run red lights and try to kill me first. But I don’t assume any of them tried to run me over because I was white, just like my fantasies of bashing their windshields in with my Kryptonite chain had nothing to do with them being Muslim.

“Shock” and “irony” are the words the media is throwing around to describe Michael Enright’s stabbing of NYC cabbie Ahmed Sharif. Who knew a nerdy white kid studying film at SVA had it in him? Shouldn’t he have been listening to Brian Eno in his dorm room, contemplating the genius of Peter Bogdanovich? No. Instead he had to get drunk and perform a heinous hate crime.

Is “American Psycho” in the SVA film curriculum? If so, perhaps they should remove it.

The irony: Enright was a goodie-two shoes harmless fat kid who volunteered with Intersections International, a non-profit group dedicated to helping veterans integrate back into society and share their stories. Enright also spent time in Afghanistan, where he apparently made a short film that I would love, love, love to see.

The mindless attack seems to have taken more of an emotional toll on Sharif than a physical one, and gives body to the tense public debate regarding the NYC Mosque, Park51.

From the ordeal, only one thing is certain: Enright is going to have a very difficult time in prison. But something tells me Sarah Palin’s prayers are with him.