That Vancouver naked devil statue with the raging erection has a pregnant wife [NSFW]

Almost a year ago, a naked devil statue with an enormous erection graced East Vancouver with its presence, and then was removed almost as quickly as it appeared. Nobody knew how or why the thing popped up, but local residents will never forget the day the engorged member cast a long shadow over the city.

Here’s a visual aide, in case you missed it the first time.

vancouver devil boner

Last week, a naked pregnant devil statue popped up at an intersection in East Vancouver, atop Gene Cafe, and local media has taken to calling the statue the previous statue’s wife. According to CTV News, the directive to remove the statue didn’t come from city hall. Eyewitness Michael Mann was able to snap some shots of the pregnant she-beast before it was unceremoniously taken down and carried it off last Thursday.

No one has claimed responsibility or ownership of the statue, but goddamn if Vancouver doesn’t have a thriving Satanic art scene.

[h/t Christian Nightmares | Image: @mmann]