Seamless is no longer working with The Fat Jew

Josh Ostrovsky, aka “The Fat Jew,” whose reputation for rampant online plagiarism ostensibly cost him a TV development deal at Comedy Central, is also no longer a part of Seamless’s marketing strategy.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the online food delivery service told Death and Taxes that they have “no current plans to work with him in the future.” The rep added that Seamless is “unable to comment” on last weekend’s online backlash from media and comedy communities that was spurred by talent agency CAA’s signing Ostrovsky for “representation in all areas,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Whether CAA was aware of Ostrovsky’s joke thievery before signing him is not clear. Ostrovsky’s agent nor a communications rep at CAA could not be reached for comment. In the meantime, all those subway and bus stop ads that you’ve seen with Ostrovsky’s shaggy mug pasted onto them should be off the streets by September 1.

“The campaign is wrapping up now,” said the spokesperson.


Update: A Seamless representative wanted to clarify that the campaign “was always” scheduled to end on September 1, prior to last weekend’s backlash.

[photos: @nickcicero, @waxmanleavell]