Woman pulled over for drunk driving offers to blow three cops to get out of it

A lady motorist is in a bit of hot water after her attempts to get out of a DUI via sexual favors proved less than fruitful.

According to The Smoking Gun, Arielle Engert, 24, of where else but Florida, was pulled over early Tuesday morning (or Monday night, for her) after police noticed her swerving all over the road. After she failed several field sobriety tests, she blew a .16 on a breathalyzer test, twice the legal limit. The cops then searched her car and found a small amount of marijuana in her purse. It was at this point, according to police, that she offered to perform “fellatio a [sic.] other sex acts” on Deputy Brian Sudbrink “if deputy would not charge her with the offenses she was arrested for.”

Unfortunately for her, the cop said no and she was booked into the local jail, at which point they found a small bag of cocaine in her bra. This prompted an additional charge of narcotics possession as well as “introduction of contraband into a detention facility,” both felonies. According to the arrest report, she decided to try her luck with officers Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle by floating the same offer to them, but they didn’t take the bait either. To add insult to injury, she was then hit with three separate “bribery” charges. She was released after posting a bond of $5,150. Her priors include drunk driving and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

While my esteemed colleagues at BroBible are quick to praise the police for their restraint in the face of such tempting bribery, I would like to point out several things:

1.) Not using your position of power to coerce sexual favors out of someone doesn’t make you a good person, it just makes you not a monster in that particular way.

2.) That Engert even thought to make the offer was most likely a perfectly rational move based on the knowledge that similar tactics have worked on police in the past. It’s even possible she thought she was saving herself from sexual assault by offering the blow jobs “willingly.”

3.) It’s quite possible the police are lying because she refused to perform sexual favors. The police do not have the best track record of treating anyone who scans as a “loose woman” or sex worker to them with even basic levels of respect, and Facebook photos reveal her to be a stunner who enjoys wearing the occasional sexy outfit.


Good luck beating the rap, girl. I hope you get out of jail to party another day and that next time you take an Uber. At least you look cute in your mug shot.


[h/t The Mirror | Photos via The Mirror, The Smoking Gun]