Donald Trump’s father was arrested for fighting cops with the KKK

In 1927, over 1,000 members of the KKK engaged in “a free-for-all-battle” with 100 cops in Queens, NY. And, according to an old Times article about the incident uncovered by BoingBoing, one of the seven people arrested was Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump.


It’s possible that it’s a different “Fred Trump,” though the address listed in the article (175-24 Devonshire Road, Jamaica) matches other sources citing his address at the time, so it is almost certainly Trump’s father. At the time, the future real estate mogul was only 21 years old, and not yet a public figure.

The extent of Fred Trump’s involvement in the street brawl (and the KKK, for that matter) is unclear. He could have just been walking by at the wrong time, after all. This seems sort of unlikely, though, considering he used the same lawyers as the Klan members.

Given Donald Trump’s racist and xenophobic political campaign — which is largely supported by white supremacists — he apparently learned a lot from his father.