R.E.M. suing Trump and Cruz for $500 million

UPDATE: As it turns out, the story this was based on is not actually true, which should have been obvious, but weekend editor Jordan Freiman is an idiot.

The Tea Party’s hilarious anti-Iran Deal rally just got even funnier, because R.E.M. is suing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the unauthorized use of their song “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).”

The song was used as Trump’s entrance music, and lead singer Michael Stipe was, shall we say, annoyed when he heard about it. This is not a new situation (see: Bruce Springsteen v Ronald Reagan; Bruce Springsteen v Chris Christie; Bruce Springsteen v We Get It Guy, You Don’t Like Republicans). Usually these things end with a simple public statement and a cease and desist letter. R.E.M. has taken it one step further and actually filed a lawsuit against Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

I have no idea whether there is any legal basis to do this, but fortunately NBC News got in touch with a law professor at Harvard. He says “Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had no permission to use their music, bottom line. Trump and Cruz are supposed to be role models and set an example as they run for the highest office in this country; they should have known better.”

Wait, what? They’re supposed to be role models is your legal argument? Is being a lawyer that easy? Why the hell is law school so expensive?

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