Reminder: Donald Trump didn’t write ‘The Art of the Deal’

This might seem a bit obvious to those in publishing — that when a celebrity or political figure comes out with a memoir or autobiographical title, it’s not untypical that a ghost writer does all the heavy lifting. In most cases, a second by-line is included in the book’s artwork. Such is definitely the case for Donald Trump’s 1987 bestseller The Art of the Deal, which acknowledges self-help author and ghostwriter Tony Schwartz on the bottom-right of the front cover. 

But for millions of Americans who’ve bent an ear to any of the GOP frontrunner’s recent sound bites from stump speeches or debates, one might be left with the impression that a sweaty-browed Trump had scribbled every word of The Art of the Deal on an overturned wheelbarrow while working overnight shifts at a heating plant. On September 16, the night of the second Republican candidates’ presidential debate, Trump reminded TV viewers and CNN’s live audience of his business-related acumen and authorship. “I wrote the Art Of The Deal,” he said. “I say not in a braggadocious way. I’ve made billions and billions of dollars.”

And, on Friday afternoon, Trump once again boasted of his literary prowess during the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington.

He also got booed for calling Marco Rubio “a clown” and arguing that he’s “been so nice to him.” Well, according to ghostwriter Schwartz, another item to add to the Trump Bullshit List is that the candidate didn’t pen a word of his biz book.

Death and Taxes reached out to Schwartz to elaborate on his tweet from the night of the GOP debate, but the author declined. At any rate, big ups to Schwartz for helping keep this straight-talkin’ candidate just a little bit more honest.

[@TonySchwartz | Washington Examiner]