Comedians launch #FeelTheBernChallenge, down hot sauce for Bernie Sanders

Those who’d like our next president to be Senator Bernie Sanders now have a fiery new way to show support, thanks to writer Wayne Gladstone who has launched the #FeelTheBernChallenge, challenging people to either donate three dollars to the Sanders campaign or down a teaspoon of hot sauce. Of course, those who are especially hot to trot can do both.

One of the first to accept the challenge was comedian and leading Fat Jew critic Maura Quint, who responded with a video in which she puts both her tastebuds and wallet on the line for Sanders, downing a spoonful of Sriracha and donating to the campaign. As with all Ice Bucket-esque challenges, those who successfully complete the task can then tag and nominate their friends, thus spreading the word while spreading the pain.

[h/t @behindyourback]