Pizza Hut employees celebrate New Year’s Eve with massive bong rips

Some Pizza Hut employees unfortunate enough to be working the graveyard shift on New Year’s Eve decided to make the best of their situation the only way they could: By getting high as fuck and presumably eating some cheesy abominations.

According to footage circulating around the world wide web, several employees of a Cypress, California, location set the tone for a dank if potentially unemployed 2016 by doing bong rips right there in the kitchen in between serving carbs and sodium to drunken garbage disposals. While that’s got to constitute some health code violations, I can’t imagine a bit of pot smoke being worse for you than the industrial sludge they are legally allowed to put in their Stuffed Pizza Rollers and Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza.

There are inevitably going to be some conservative martinets out there who believe this type of behavior undermines the Fight For 15, to which I can only say: Have you ever had Pizza Hut pizza, or do they not deliver to your ivory tower? When you’re making California’s minimum wage of $9/hour, you’ve got to get that shift meal down somehow.

[h/t Live Leak]