New super toilet could charge your phone while you poop

The Cranfield Nano Membrane toilet, aka the “super toilet,” hopes to change the way the world poops by creating a less wasteful alternative┬áthat doesn’t require indoor plumbing. Created by Cranfield University in the UK, it uses a “unique rotating mechanism” that allegedly removes the need for flushing, all without odors, and then creates power from the waste.

How does it work? They have a helpful cartoon to explain it.

Basically, you poop into a container, the container rotates and drops the poop into a bowl of water, and then membrane bundles in the water filter the poop. The filtered water collects in a tank, the sludgey solid waste collects in a different tank, to either be drained and thrown at your enemies, or to be picked up by someone and brought to a processing plant. The battery, if low, can be charged by bike. Finally, the website makes sense. Some reports suggest that the heat from the filtering could potentially power the toilet, as well as provide an extra boost for phone charging, though this appears to not yet be officially implemented.

Of course, the whole thing is merely a concept. Whether these can be mass produced and adopted in an affordable manner has yet to be determined. But, if it ends up working out, this toilet could drastically improve the quality of life for people around the world.