The Oregon militia’s supply request list is a work of art

The illegal armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by people upset they can’t burn public land or let their cows graze on it for free is still happening. The group has declined to leave the facility despite being politely asked to do so by several groups, including the Carney County Committee of Safety, which had actually been affiliated with Ammon Bundy and his militia club.

It appears as though Bundy and Co. are prepared to follow through on their threat of continuing the occupation, and have released a list of supplies they would like delivered to them by supporters. Behold it, in all its glory.

Getting the obvious stuff out of the way first: How do they plan on continuing the occupation if they need this many basic supplies? How did they not bring warm blankets in the first place? It’s the middle of winter! The first 10 items are just things they need to stay warm. This entire operation appears to have been poorly planned.

Also, why do you need eggs that badly? What will happen if they don’t get the eggs?

We can of course all agree that the best item on the list is money, because nothing says fight the power quite like asking people for straight cash while you sit around doing nothing.

Moving on, they have mayo and Miracle Whip on the list. No. Pick one. You’re getting greedy. Specifying that the Midland Radio must be bought at Walmart also seems a bit demanding. You will accept Midland Radios from Best Buy and you will like them!

[JJ McNab | Image: RawStory]