The Arcade Fire Knows Where You Live

GoogleEarth and director Chris Milk have invented a new form of online interactivity to take you home.

The Arcade Fire Knows Where You Live

The online film project is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it wouldn’t exist without you.

First, you enter your home address into a version of GoogleEarth that is integrated into the music video for Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait.” The visuals are neat.

The wilderness gradually swallows your home in a scattered series of pop-ups on the screen. Like every other internet user, pop-ups make me feel like I’m being sexually violated by me computer. So isn’t this then a significant moment in internet history? It’s the first time that I haven’t felt victim to visual molestation by the pop-up. This time, it’s consensual.

Courtesy of The Arcade Fire, prepare for the ultimate music video experience. And the best part about it, is it’s all about you. Don’t be afraid to feel extra-important and super-special.

[The Wilderness Downtown]