Bad Samaritan jailed for filming deadly teen car crash instead of helping

An Ohio man has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for essentially being a bad person. What differentiates this case from others is that it centers more around what Paul Pelton didn’t do rather than what he did.

According to Rawstory Pelton, 41, witnessed a serious car accident in which a teenage driver lost control of a vehicle while crossing railroad tracks and crashed into a house. He proceeded to film the crash and made no effort to help the two teenage boys inside, one of whom later died.

Police said Pelton opened a back door and leaned into the wrecked vehicle to record a video on his cell phone minutes after the crash capturing images of the teenagers, one of whom later died. He called them “idiots.”

Lorain police said neighbors tried to help the teenagers while Pelton filmed, and at no time did he try to assist.

However, according to police, Pelton isn’t being charged for not helping, or for shooting video of the crash, even though he posted the video to Facebook and attempted to sell it to media outlets, but rather for entering a crime scene without permission and opening the car door. But by that logic he would have been charged even if he had been trying to help, and the neighbors who did try to help would also face charges.

It seems, therefore, that the charge of vehicular trespass was simply the only thing police could find to charge him with and, as such, is basically a roundabout way to punish him for being an unfeeling assbag. This seems particularly likely considering the comments police made to FOX 8:

“While others were rendering aid to these boys, a male took the opportunity to video this horrible scene with his cell phone. In the video, the male makes comments that the boys were ‘Idiots,’ and holds his cell phone so that he can film these two boys who were in medical crisis,” Lorain police said.

The Lorain Police Department called it an attempt to make a profit from “a young man’s dying moments.”

Pelton says he’s apologized to the family of the teen, but his neighbors, who were also on the scene, don’t seem to be buying it.

[Rawstory | Image: FOX 8]