David Bowie refused Coldplay collaboration because their song sucked

Coldplay, the dullrock band famous for songs like “Yellow” and “Yellow II” and “That Other Song That Sounds Exactly Like Yellow,” nearly collaborated with David Bowie a few years ago. But the late singer turned them down, because the song they sent him sucked. He had good taste, after all.

Apparently frontman Chris Martin wrote Bowie a letter at one point, asking if he’d like to contribute backing vocals to a song they had recorded. Bowie heard the song and said no, because it was crappy. Martin talked about the failed project in a taped interview at the BBC Music Awards back in 2014.

“One time I sent him a song to ask him to sing on it. He called me and said, ‘It’s not one of your best,'” Martin said. “He’s got very high standards and I appreciate that. It inspires the rest of us to keep our standards high.”

Coldplay drummer Will Champion recently confirmed the story in an interview with NME. “He was very discerning,” Champion said. “He wouldn’t just put his name to anything. I’ll give him credit for that.”

The unsurprising takeaway here is that David Bowie was awesome and that Coldplay is very, very bad.