Thousands petition against Kanye West’s rumored David Bowie tribute album

A petition against Kanye West’s rumored David Bowie tribute album has amassed over 15,000 signatures.

It all started when The Daily Star reported — in an article that is apparently not online but has been widely quoted — that the American hiphop icon was planning a tribute album to the recently departed rock and pop icon. Via The Mirror:

A source said: “Some are straightforward cover versions with Kanye actually singing. On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie’s music.”

The insider added: “He is determined to carry on David’s work as a musical innovator. He says that the torch has been passed to him.”

This was a believable enough thing for Kanye to have said that a lot of people got very, very angry. But don’t take my word for it, look at the angry tweets:

Even aging rockstar David Crosby piled on for some reason:

(I’m pretty sure driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and pulling a gun on a parking attendant are more fucked up than anything Kanye’s ever done, but who’s counting?)

This momentum snowballed into a UK-based petition called “Stop Kanye West Recording Covers of David Bowie’s Music,” which as of this writing has amassed some 15,496 signatures. It’s unclear just which authority figure they think they are petitioning who has the power to stop him — Scotland Yard? Barack Obama? God? — but here are some representative comments [sic. everything]:

Hes an untalented arsewipe! How dare him use David Bowie to cash in on more money!!!

David Bowie deserves a proper tribute. The man has a constellation in the sky. Kanye West is not a musician, despite proclaiming the self-imposed “greatest rock and roll star ever”.

No, no, no, Kanye, just don’t. David Bowie was and will always be one of the most influent and brilliant artists of our time, please don’t think that you are worthy of covering any of his material, YOU ARE NOT.

Becasue Davis Bowie is a legend and Kanye West is a bell-end

This anger continues to rage, despite the fact that West denied through his rep on Wednesday that he was planning anything of the sort.

To which I say: But what if he was? As Joe Muggs at The Guardian points out, West is the kind of musical innovator who’s not afraid to experiment with new sounds, talk about political issues, and make complex and risky albums. Not that it’s a competition, but that sounds a lot more faithful to the spirit of Bowie than those who slavishly revere the music of the past and would seek to calcify Bowie’s body of work like an untouchable relic in a museum. I mean, it’s not like he’d be going back and re-recording Bowie’s old masters with himself on them. A bad tribute would take away nothing from Bowie’s legacy and a good one would add to it.

Like the recent petition by Kanye haters to cancel his performance at Glastonbury, this whole kerfuffle smacks of musical ignorance and thinly veiled racism. I invite everyone incensed by West’s arrogance to start similar petitions against Lou Reed, Axl Rose, and the fucking Beatles.

[h/t The Independent]