A mysterious group in Utah is trying to rename the moon

A shadowy group is attempting to rename the moon with a bizarre crowdfunding campaign. They registered the hilarious domain “namethemoon.world” so you know they’re serious.

What? Why?

“We believe that [the moon] is too generic of a name for one of the most beautiful celestial objects in our solar system. Many moons have been discovered and given fun, romantic or mythological names. Our moon has been left behind and it needs a unique name. You can help by signing the Name the Moon e-petition.”

Visit their site, and for $1 you can sign their e-petition attempting to convince the International Astronomical Union to change the name of the moon. You can also suggest a name.

Note that weird asterisk next to “charitable funds” on the top right of the page. Hmmm. Apparently only a portion of the money is actually given away. Tawni Henderson of the Utah-based Name The Moon Society told RTV 6 that 15 cents of each dollar goes to clean water-related charities. So far they’ve raised over $300.

But doesn’t the moon already have multiple names? And what happens to the other 85 cents they raise? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (or: probably to help them get the $150,000 they’re trying to raise to fund an educational children’s cartoon called “The Loonie Moonies”).

Though it seems like kind of a scam, it’s hard to resist. For a measly $1 (which I expensed to D+T’s parent company, SpinMedia), I suggested naming the moon “The Sun.” This is a Good Idea that we should all support.


Imagine: If successful, it will result in countless space-themed “Who’s On First”-style arguments. School children will be confused, and give up on their educations. Astronauts might accidentally be sent on doomed missions, launched straight into the center of a giant orb of nuclear fire.


It is our patriotic duty as Americans to change the name of the moon to “the sun.” If some weird cartoon gets funded because of it, so be it.

[photo: NASA]