Someone made a smart phone game where you poop on Donald Trump

A new smartphone app has been created around a simple but appealing premise: That of taking a dump on Donald Trump.

Aptly titled “Trump Dump,” the game lets you play as a bald eagle with just two objectives: “Beat the wall, dump on Trump.” (The “wall” presumably stands in for the giant wall Trump wants to build around this country to keep out immigrants and, um, endangered national birds.) Players able to avoid flying into Trump’s wall(s) are rewarded with the chance to drop increasing loads of eagle dung on the likely GOP nominee, who, once the deed is done, turns into a giant poop emoji with the Donald’s face. Fun!

Much like Trump’s rhetoric, the game is kind of one-note and tiresome, but it’s a fun way to blow a few minutes while waiting for the bus. It’s available for both Apple and Android, and if you follow those links, you’ll see an amusing disclaimer:

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