Mexico City women fight street harassment with confetti, punk rock

As anyone who’s ever walked around in a feminine-looking body knows, street harassment is a problem pretty much everywhere. But a group of women in Mexico City are tackling this problem in a unique and creative way: With confetti guns, punk rock, and even (dare I say it?) a sense of humor.

As profiled in the above short documentary by video journalists Jeff Seal and Malena Gaze, “Las Hijas De Violencia” (or “the daughters of violence”) is a feminist art collective in Mexico City that’s made it their mission to fight street harassment. Each time someone (usually a man) harasses them, they chase him down, shoot him with confetti, and sing him a song called “Sexist Punk” with educational lyrics like:

“What you’ve done to me is called harassment/if you do this to me this way, I will respond/you talk to me as if you were going to rape me.”

“We recommend that you have fun with it, so that you’re not left feeling violated from what happened, and you’re able to move on and still have a great day,” notes group member Ana Karen. “We certainly don’t think we are going to change the world, but we sure know that we’ve changed ours,” adds sister in badassery Ana Beatriz.

For more on the collective’s causes and activities, check out their Facebook page.