Tony the Tiger breaks silence, responds to Twitter furries

After being constantly harassed by horny furries on Twitter and then going on a blocking spree, Frosted Flakes’ pantsless, permanently upbeat pitchman Tony the Tiger has broken his silence. Tony spoke out on Twitter to request that the tumescent members of Furry Nation kindly stop messaging him X-rated requests for “dick pics” and “cummies.”

Venerable U.K. paper The Guardian even reported on this last twist. So it’s clearly real news. According to The Guardian, some of the spurned furries are switching their allegiance to Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah instead.

But will Tony’s request for decency work? After all, the first rule of dealing with online miscreants is not to engage. Any response, particularly a plea that those trolling abandon their trollish behavior in favor of common sense and good manners, only adds more fuel to the fire. And, indeed, the furries seem undeterred by their beloved sex symbol’s call for calm and began flirting with him again almost immediately, if, indeed, they ever stopped.

They’re coming at him with cuteness.

They’re coming at him with movie references.

They’re coming at him with their deepest desires.

And it will never stop.


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