Mary Lou Lord flames Courtney Love in vicious Facebook posts

Mary Lou Lord, indie musician and one time ex of Kurt Cobain, has published two lengthy Facebook posts calling out Courtney Love for what she says are years of abuse and lies about her character.

The posts largely avoid specifics but viciously detail Lord’s feelings about the Hole frontwoman, whom she refers to as a “sociopathic money hungry, fame mongering, terribly dressed NO TALENT shit bag.”

In the first post, published Sunday, Lord writes how for two decades she’s kept her mouth shut for the benefit of Love and Cobain’s daughter Frances, but that she is done being quiet and “will not go down without a fucking fight to set the record straight with that cunt”:

You BELONG in a theater. You are an actress. You were never you. You are the BEST actress i have ever seen, as a matter of fact…..YOU SOLD A LIE. And you fucked up SO many lives. NEVER ever FUCK with me again you cunt, cause I will crush you. I have waited 26 years for this. And it’s time. I will crush you. You are a self serving sociopath. Congrats on all the money that you got, that was never YOURS to begin with. You are scum. And I am about to CRUSH YOU. Let the Tom games begin. I am behind him. You will never know this, and neither will you Tom, but I did talk to him, and I DO know what he told me……..FUCK YOU COURTNEY you piece of shit sociopathic lemming, leech, and ultimate mind fuck bully! Stop fucking with me in your stupid private shares. I have NO FEAR of you any longer. You are a joke. Leave ME ALONE! Havent’ we both grown up by now? Shouldn’t you be happy with your Millions and Millions of dollars that YOU never earned or deserved? Stay the fuck away from me.

The second post, addressed to her fans, is quite a bit longer and less heated, and sought to explain where some of vitriol she directed at Love was coming from:

Back in the day, She had ALL the power. But she is not taken seriously now. People for the most part, know more about her. Even the young women and men who were her biggest fans. Many of them turned against her once they knew more about her. They grew up. She had a field day back when the internet was new and all the lies she would spread about me. She told people I killed her cat. She told stories upon stories on the internet (that old AOL Hole folder)…. (DOCUMENTED and downloaded to prove she did), countless grotesque lies that I could NOT stop her from spreading. I was not only was in fear of her, I was in fear of her fans. Countless times I would come out from a club, or the subway, and my car windshield would have been written on with lipstick “you suck”, or “fuck you” signed “Courtney. People would come up to me and say the most rotten things to me. Not even knowing me- All Courtney fans that were brainwashed by her or something…

This isn’t the first time Lord has taken Love to task. Their feud dates back to the ’90s, when Love flamed Lord in interviews with accusations that she “built a career out of giving Kurt a blowjob in the back of a van,” killed their family cat by sneaking onto their porch and sticking a needle in its eye, and that Cobain had put a restraining order out on her. Lord refuted the cat-killing claims back in 2013, has discussed how Love once tried to kill her, and says that all the hate stems from her relationship with the Nirvana frontman before he made it big and began seeing Love.

You can read the entirety of Lord’s most recent Facebook posts below.

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