Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits Democratic debate, roasts everyone alive

Recently we looked back at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s classic roast of “Star Wars” fans, and now the foulmouthed hand-puppet created and voiced by comedian Robert Smigel is back in action.

In addition to handing out disses outside movie theaters and at at the Wieners Circle, Triumph has also been a fixture at political events over the years, where pomposity and posturing are never in short supply. On assignment for Funny or Die, Triumph marked his triumphant return to punditry at the fourth Democratic debate by roasting everyone on the floor. From party shills and reporters to elected officials and presidential candidates themselves, no one is safe from Triumph’s brutal mockery and telling of harsh truths.

As usual, Triumph does his best to ruin as many shots as possible by popping up behind the talking heads of Spin Alley and has an earful of rapid fire put-downs for Martin O’Malley, Chuck Todd, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others. Like any veteran reporter, Triumph isn’t above using a few tricks to get his story, at one point using a fake handicapped woman in a wheelchair to ask his questions for him.

The rest of Triumph’s profanity-laced, one-hour 2016 Election Special will air on Hulu.

[h/t AV Club]