Vermin Supreme heckles Ted Cruz with a megaphone

With Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary looming, candidates were busy scurrying around the Granite State making last-minute campaign stops. For most this means photo taking and glad-handing. But few were expecting to get smacked by the Rubber Boot-Hat of Freedom or brushed by the Giant Toothbrush of Democracy.

But that’s exactly what happened to Ted Cruz, whose pit stop was interrupted by his fellow presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, who had some choice words for Cruz that he delivered with a megaphone.

For starters Supreme, who has pledged to give every American a pony, grilled Cruz on whether waterboarding water should be fluoridated and demanded that the candidate come out with his “hands up” and his “pants down.”

Supreme also asked Cruz “Why do you hate America?” before posing perhaps the most salient question of all to prospective voters:

“Will Ted Cruz give you a pony?”

Some assorted screengrabs from this momentous encounter.


[h/t Jezebel]