Artist draws stunning rendering of Donald Trump’s shriveled micropenis

In 2012, The Onion posted a classic article conveying the downright surgical detail with which GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump inspects his own shriveled manhood after taking a shower.

According to reports, the 66-year-old had laid his suit out on his bed and was preparing to step into a pair of silk boxer shorts when he glimpsed his deteriorating body in the mirror. Trump then spent approximately 15 to 20 minutes morosely reflecting on his appearance, dedicating most of that time to gazing at his desiccated sexual anatomy and contemplating its all-but-total lack of function.

“God, look at this thing,” said a dejected Trump, hoisting up a large quantity of belly flab with his forearm to make his stunted organ visible. “Pitiful.”

Sure, the words alone paint a painfully visceral picture, but artist Illma Gore did the rest of the legwork for us and actually drew Trump and his popcorn shrimp in all of its majestic glory. As you can see, the aspiring emperor truly has no clothes.


According to Gore’s site, the rendering of the blowhard Oompa Loompa’s thimble dick is titled “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” and the harsh terrain was drawn in pastel pencils. Although the work speaks for itself, the artist is more than happy to turn that subtext into text for the easily offended art patrons.

For those that ever want to keep food down again, Gore also provided a barely SFW rendering as well.

Gore made hi-res downloads of both the censored and the uncensored drawings available on her site for anyone compelled to share what we basically already know about Trump’s fragile masculinity.

[h/t Daily Dot | @illmatherfuka]