Woman protests boring meeting by spraying her colleagues with breast milk

A businesswoman trapped in a 14-hour meeting recently decided to break it up using an unconventional method. At least, that’s what a video currently making the rounds allegedly shows.

According to YouTube, the video was shot in Ukraine at the end of a grueling, 14-hour-long meeting held at some sort of business conference. It starts right in the middle of things with a tense debate between participants about whether or not to continue. According to a Redditor, the woman is saying, “I can’t take no more, I want to go home. Declare a break!” but to no avail. So she does what any good businesswoman would do: She utilizes the resources available to her in an innovative and eye-catching way. Nice work, Karen!

As you can see, people realize what’s up when the woman pumps her boob a few times to get it going. One man tries to cover her breast with his hand but gets grossed out when her milk touches it and takes his hand away. The video cuts out around then, but I can only assume that one way or another, she got to go home and feed her baby. That is, assuming she even has a baby and is not just some meeting-hating superhero who can spray milk from her breasts at will.

Even business conferences are hard as fuck in the Ukraine.

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[h/t The Daily Mail]