‘Full House’ parody explores the rude realities of gentrification

Ever since Netflix announced its hideous reboot of “Full House,” people have been pointing out that a middle-class family such as the Tanners could never afford to live in the San Francisco of today. Now someone has made a parody of the opening credits that targets gentrification in that once-vital metropolis.

As the happy theme song plays, depressing statistics flash across the screen about housing costs in the 1990s versus those of today. For instance: Did you know that, in the 1990s, the median rent on a two-bedroom in SF was $975, and now it’s a whopping $4,700? “How rude!”

The clip also touches on the plight of artists, African-Americans, and the middle class, all of whom make excellent sad faces as the sad reality sets in: This city is no longer for them. I hope one of the Tanners founds a successful tech company, because that’s the only way they’re going to be able to keep a roof over their many adorable heads.