Vermin Supreme absolutely shreds ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ on a megaphone

On Tuesday, news broke that dark pony presidential candidate Vermin Supreme quit the Democratic party and is now seeking the Libertarian nomination. (Although, as he was quick to point out on Facebook, it’s the Libertarians who are courting him and not the other way around.)

What some may have missed is that, during his appearance at the recent International Students for Liberty Conference, where he gave a speech explaining his “free pony” platform, Supreme also did something else – he absolutely destroyed an all-megaphone version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”


After asking them to join him in “the theme song of this great nation,” Supreme takes the terrified and elated Libertarian crowd on a journey, leading them into the Valley of Confusion and out again. At times stalking the stage and at others collapsing into an orgasmic heap, Supreme punishes his trusty bullhorn, resulting in a screaming, feedback-fueled rendition of our national anthem that would make Jimi Hendrix himself weep with joy.

UPDATE: (3/3/16) There’s now video, courtesy of the ISFLC, that show’s Supreme’s performance and remarks in their entirety.

[h/t News2Share]