White supremacist caught on video assaulting black protester at Trump rally

After Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday rally in Louisville, Kentucky, University of Louisville student Shiya Nwanguma described the unsettling harassment and manhandling she endured before getting kicked out in a video posted to Facebook.

“I was called a nigger and a cunt, and got kicked out,” said Nwanguma. “I just got escorted out by the police along with the people at the rally. They were pushing and shoving me. Cursing at me. Yelling at me. Called me every name in the book. They are disgusting and dangerous.”

New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer Shaun King shared video of what Nwanguma endured inside the rally.

King also speculated that the man in the red “Make America Great Again” hat seen shoving Nwanguma could be Matthew Heimbach, a noted white nationalist affiliated with the Traditionalist Youth Network and the neo-Confederate organization, League of the South. King noted that Heimbach was actually barred from visiting the UK because of his racist affiliations.

Gawker corroborated King’s ID by citing a blog post Heimbach wrote for the Traditional Youth Network in which he boasted about shoving a woman out of Tuesday’s rally.

“Now there’s some viral footage of several heated moments in Louisville,” wrote Heimbach. “One features yours truly helping the crowd drive out one of the women who had been pushing, shoving, barking, and screaming at the attendees for the better part of an hour. I’ll avoid any additional Trump events to ensure that I don’t become a distraction, but the entire point of the BLM’s tactics is to push people until they push back. It won’t be me next time, but White Americans are getting fed up and they’re learning that they must either push back or be pushed down.”

Heimbach also tweeted this.

Given that GOP frontrunner Trump has already won the coveted David Duke endorsement, it’s no secret that he’s the preferred candidate of bigots, racists, and xenophobes. For everyone else considering voting for Trump, it might be worth considering the company they’re keeping.

[Gawker | Photo: WLKY]