Marriott debuts hotel brand geared towards millennials

Millennials: Are you tired of staying in boring old hotels that cannot keep up with your cutting edge lifestyle? Then you’ll be happy to know the Marriott just debuted a new chain called “Moxy,” and it’s got all the dank memes, selfie rooms, and infantilizing touches your “Girls”-watching heart desires. Yaaasssss queen!

The Phoenix Business Journal reports that the first ever Moxy location unlocked its doors in the hip, youth-friendlly city of Tempe, Arizona, on Monday for a soft opening. Aimed at the intersecting Venn diagram of “business travelers and millennials,” the hotel features such on-fleek touches as arcade games, record players and vinyl to play on them, and conference rooms themed around bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who. Because if there’s one thing people born in the ’90s love, it’s classic rock.

But that’s not all. Your fam at Marriott International knows how much you like taking #selfies, so they turned the elevators into photo booths complete with wacky props to keep you from getting bored on those grueling 10-second rides down to the naan bar and back. P kewl.

The most millennial thing about this hotel, though, would have to be the rotary phones in the rooms which, in addition to working just like the “phone” app on your iPhone, can be used to listen to bedtime stories read by celebrities. You simply have not heard “The Three Little Pigs” until you’ve had it purred to you through a retro landline by “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner.

Hotel industry about to get disrupted af.

[Phoenix Business Journal | Photo via]