Map reveals the most binge-watched TV shows by state

There’s pretty much a data map for everything at this point, so it’s surprising that it took this long for one to track people’s streaming media habits. The stats wizards at the site Home Snacks decided to track what shows people were streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and the various other outlets, given that TV consumers are increasingly cutting the cord from traditional cable providers.

Since the streaming services don’t release breakdowns of viewing data by state, the site had to get a little creative and extrapolate its binge-watching projections based off of Google Trends.


So, what can we learn from this? Well, people in Oregon like watching “Portlandia” and people in Pennsylvania like watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” We probably didn’t need any research to guess that.

However, I’m surprised to learn that Virginia is really into the Showtime borderline softcore historical drama “The Tudors,” especially given that the show went off the air in 2010. Plus, that state borders on DC. Shouldn’t they be all about “West Wing,” “Scandal,” or “House of Cards?” The latter show is what people in Maryland are watching. Also, congratulations to the good people of Nebraska for finally discovering “Cheers.” You’re all in for a treat.

As for genres, people are generally invested in dramas and comedies. Only a handful of states are immersed in sci-fi. However, the map incorrectly labels the CW teen historical costume drama “Reign” as sci-fi for some reason.

[h/t Daily Mail | Photo: Home Snacks]