Map breaks down which states love weed the most

Finally, the data wizards at the real estate app Estately crunched the numbers on a matter that is near and dear to most of our hearts: the states most hospitable to stoners. The site determined each state’s enthusiasm for the sticky icky on a number of factors including the number of reported weed smokers, the affordability of weed in each state, the frequency of Google searches regarding weed, the legality of the substance, and the advertised interest in weed as gauged by articles posted on social media.

As the map indicates, the coasts love weed, particularly the West Coast and the Northeast. The Bible belt doesn’t exactly share the enthusiasm for smoking a pinner and watching old “Ren & Stimpy” cartoons. It’s probably no surprise that Utah is not exactly enthusiastic about marijuana given that it’s a Mormon state, however, it does share a border with Colorado, so weed enthusiasts in Utah don’t have far to go if they want to indulge in some pot tourism.

Estately marijuana map

The data has also been broken down into this handy chart.


If any of this information actually influences where you buy a house, then more power to you. It’s always good to live in a state where you know your favorite pastime won’t get you locked up. In fairness, it’s probably more practical than the chart detailing the most Googled Halloween costumes by state.