Brian Johnson was kicked out of AC/DC

Just days after AC/DC’s official website posted that longtime frontman Brian Johnson had been ordered off the road by doctors or could have been deaf for life, it seems that his departure from the band may have been a far darker affair. According to friend and well-known AC/DC superfan Jim Breuer, Johnson’s hearing is not nearly as dire, and the band has basically kicked him out.

On his Tuesday podcast, Breuer says he talked to AC/DC’s frontman of nearly forty years, and Johnson said that after getting a second opinion, he told the band he was good enough to finish out the now-canceled tour. More to the point, Johnson said he didn’t quit or even imply quitting – having simply told the band his doctors were concerned and he needed another opinion before they moved forward.

Breuer said that, just days after telling the band he needed a second opinion, “all his luggage that he ever toured with showed up in his driveway” and that his longtime bandmates had yet to even check in on his condition. Apparently very disheartened and depressed, Johnson told Breuer that he felt like, “I’ve been kicked to the curb.”

While this is obviously the viewpoint of only one person involved, representatives for AC/DC have yet to make any comment. Regardless of wherever the truth lies, for the band’s management to simply ship 40 years of gear just days after what is a life-changing announcement is bad form if nothing less.

Johnson implied that founder and guitarist Angus Young wants to keep the AC/DC machine rolling for at least one more album and full world tour. To this idea, the singer simply questioned, “Who’s filling those shoes?” Hopefully nobody, as the world already saw a similar disaster during the 20 years of “Guns N’ Roses Guitar Hero Starring Axl Rose.”

[Jim Breuer Podcast | photo: Getty]