7-Eleven’s bring-your-own-cup Slurpee day goes as expected

As if we needed more proof that our national thirst for shitty frozen drinks is nigh unquenchable, 7-Eleven decided to test America’s resolve with a “Bring Your Own Cup Day” that invited patrons to fill with Slurpee … whatever they’d like to fill with Slurpee. The public interpretation of “cup” proved to be loose, and people showed up bearing Slurpee-carrying receptacles that ranged from reasonable to grotesque.

Sadly, this is not a sponsored post.

There were orange juice bottles.

Cans of muscle-dude powder.

Fish tanks.


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And gallons of other things that were doubtlessly more nutritious than the blue-raspberry sludge that replaced them.

Some slurped out of soup pots.

And some slurped from coffee pots.

Some slurped out of trash bags.

And some slurped from little rubber booties.

How cute is she? #bringyourowncupday #711

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Some took more than their share.


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One group filled up a kiddie pool that one hopes to god they washed first.

And this quick-thinking young gentleman filled up a sled.

This guy took it easier than most people will ever take it.

Ok the cooler is kind of clever.

What a super slurpee day….how you play slurpie? #slupee #slurpie #bringyourowncupday #bbycoolers #snacks

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In summary, perhaps it’s time for a new national slogan: “America: We’re disgusting, but we’re inventive.”