Marathon goes terribly wrong as runners mistake free soap for energy bars

Runners taking part in the Qingyuan marathon in China on Sunday were greeted with goodie bags after crossing the finish line. The problem is that many runners mistook the contents of those bags to be fruit-flavored energy bars.

They were not.

According to the BBC, what the tired marathoners bit into instead were bars of fruit-scented hand soap. The phrase “extra moisturizing” on the packaging should have given it away but after running a marathon, reading things closely probably isn’t peoples top priority.

Chinese social media was quickly abuzz with photos that showed discarded soap bars with bites taken out of them.

The whole event sounds like it was a bit of mess. According to TIME, thousands of people were injured during the course of the race, with paramedics administering first aid some 12,000 times, mainly due to muscle spasms and sprains.

According to the BBC, the marathon’s organizers were contrite.

“The packs of soap were indeed like food packaging. It is a negligent mistake on our part,” an official told Yangtse Evening Post.