Brilliant Tumblr parodies every music biz trope imaginable

Musicians. There are just so many of them! How do you know which ones to pay attention to? Never fear: The Lowbrow Reader’s Jay Ruttenberg and Mike Reddy have a Tumblr to make life easier. Every Thursday the writer and illustrator highlight an important artist on their page, aptly titled “Musicians You Should Know.”

Delve into Ruttenberg’s brilliantly written backgrounds of “the most important musical figures of our time” such as Michael Wapner Jr., Hull City Glee Club, and the 1986 Pittsburgh Steelers. What’s that? You didn’t know a professional football team was also one of the most influential pop music groups of the 20th century? I bet you didn’t even realize they made it all the way to the Super Bowl in ’87. You probably remember the Denver Broncos representing the AFC in that game. For shame. This is why you need to study this page. Here, maybe this will jog your memory of that game:

By the time the Super Bowl arrived, one-third of the players had quit the team to pursue the team band. With so many of their starters decamped to pop stardom, the Steelers were slaughtered by the New York Giants, 55–3. The lopsided game lent the halftime show, starring the “We Are the Steelers” rappers, an air of poignancy.

It’s all coming back to you now. Right?

Of course, words can be annoying, and nobody likes reading. That’s why Reddy also provides an original illustration for each musical giant. Who else would you trust to capture the soul, style, and essence of Serafino Paina, the greatest opera singer ever to walk the Earth?

Check out the rest of the Musician You Should Know entries, and check back each week for updates here.

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