Louis CK once showed his dick to a ‘crazy old man’

In May of 2015, the internet saw much speculation as to whether or not comedy superstar Louis C.K. had whipped his dick out and jerked it in front of multiple horrified female comedians. (UPDATE: Five women have accused him of sexual misconduct.) However, as it turns out, there’s at least one person Louis J.O. will fully admit to showing his dick to, and he’s a Massachusetts weirdo known as “Florida Steve.”

On a 2007 episode of Opie and Anthony’s laddish satellite radio show, Louis C.K. told a story about showing his penis to a local character for reasons mysterious even to him (it starts around 2h13m in the video):

I showed my penis to a crazy old man in my hometown. I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and there was a guy. They called him “Florida Steve.” This weird little old man. And he’d come up to you, if you were in the park or in the street, and he’d ask you about Florida, he’d just steer the conversation… He’d say ‘bet it’s hot in Florida right now’ and you’d go ‘yeah, it’s hot in Florida.’ He goes ‘what are the girls like down there?’ and you’d tell him…everbody in town knew how to do this…you’d tell him, ‘well, the girls, they got big tits down there,’ and he’d start jerking off in his pocket. Like, this is just something he would do.

And anyway, so I saw him…you know, you’re with your friends and you make fun of Florida Steve, the crazy old man. One day I was alone in a park and he walked up to me. I took out my dick and showed it to him. I don’t know why. He just went ‘okay, have a nice day’ and he walked away, and I realized I had freaked out Florida Steve.

Of course, Louis was just a shit head teenager at the time (“I didn’t have pubes yet, though”), and just because he pulled his dick out on Florida Steve doesn’t mean he pulled it out on anyone else. Still, if someone does eventually confirm he’s got a thing for brandishing his schlong as some sort of bizarre power move, I doubt anyone will be surprised.

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