Jill Stein secures Green Party nomination, now polling at 5%

In news that will surprise no one, Jill Stein has secured the Green Party nomination for president of these United States. She has also picked up an extra percentage point in the polls!

According to a press release from JillStein2016, Dr. Stein has obtained the number of delegates she needs to secure the nomination at the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in August. Additionally, a new poll from NBC News has her at 5% support nationally, “up from 2% in a PPP poll in mid-May.” “With a tiny fraction of the money and free media attention available to Clinton and Trump, we’ve earned the support of millions of Americans and we’re growing fast,” said Stein in the press release.

After reiterating her commitment to redistributive policies, environmentalism, foreign policy that respects human rights, and campaign finance reform, Stein called for a place on the ballot, as well as the national debate stage:

“We are fighting to open up the debates, so the American people can know who their choices are. We’re calling for a common sense rule for participation — to include all candidates on enough ballot lines to win the presidency. We are challenging the Commission on Presidential Debates controlled by Democratic and Republican party elites,” said Stein. “The League of Women Voters described the debates run by the Commission as ‘a fraud perpetrated on the American voter.’ It time to open up the debates and end that fraud.”

The Stein campaign received over $35,000 last week, for which they will receive federal matching funds.

She continues to call out Hillary Clinton in the press for being the shadiest motherfucker of all time.


[Jill Stein 2016 | Photo: Getty]