Elderly Clinton delegate beats millennial Sanders delegate with cane

The generational divide within the Democratic party turned painfully literal on Tuesday when an elderly delegate for Hillary Clinton literally struck a Bernie Sanders delegate with a cane.

Writing at US Uncut, Sanders delegate, community organizer, and co-founder of Millennials for Bernie Sanders Moumita Ahmed says the caning went down Tuesday morning at a meeting of New York delegates bound for the DNC in Philadelphia at the end of July. Things got off to a rocky start when former city council speaker Christine Quinn got up and said only one candidate in this election cares about poor people: Hillary Clinton.

The meeting devolved further when the Hillary people nominated New York governor (and craven neoliberal) Andrew Cuomo to be their delegate chair to the DNC. The Bernie people tried to challenge the nomination, but the Hillary people shut them down. At which point, it got ugly, to the point where the Bernie delegation — nearly half of the delegates — are refusing to accept Cuomo’s nomination as legitimate.

Via US Uncut:

The establishment Democrats nominated Governor Cuomo to be our delegate chair to the DNC even though all of the Bernie delegates, who made up half the room, were against it. We decided to a put the issue to a vote and, when asked to raise a hand if anyone objected to Gov. Cuomo, half the room raised their hand. However, Michael Reich, the state’s Democratic Committee chair, ignored our motion. Some of the delegates, like Nomiki Konst and myself, went up to the front and took the microphone to voice our dissent on behalf of the Sanders delegation [in accordance with the meeting’s rules], but the organizers cut off our microphone.

Which led to the scene depicted in the video:

That was when I proceeded down the aisle to rally the Bernie delegates to decide on next steps, and while on my way an older, male Clinton delegate slapped me with the back of his hand from behind and told me to sit down. So I ran back and got my friend Kat Brezler, who was live streaming, to go and get Eddie Kay to come up and speak to Basil Smikle about the whole incident. On our way back, I confronted the man who assaulted me and told him “don’t you dare touch me ever again,” and at that point he beat me with his cane. It was all caught on camera.

As the clip shows, so appalled was the Rutherford B. Hayes lookalike at this whippersnapper’s refusal to get off his lawn that he resorted to corporal punishment. Considering this guy was probably there when Brooks caned Sumner, she’s lucky he stopped before she was bleeding and unconscious.

When Ahmed told the meeting’s staffers what had happened, she was met with the classic “he’s old” excuse:

After that, my friends Dave, Mindy, Kat, and I told several staffers and volunteers who were working behind the sign-in tables what happened and demanded the man be kicked out, but they did NOTHING. Someone even said, “Oh this guy? He’s old, he didn’t mean any harm.

Don’t worry, Moumita. He’ll be dead soon.

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