‘Bill and Ted 3′ Confirmed, and, Yes, There Was a ‘Bill and Ted 2′

Alex Winter has confirmed that “Bill and Ted 3″ is in the works.
'Bill and Ted 3' Confirmed, and, Yes, There Was a 'Bill and Ted 2'

Every so often I wake up and ask myself, “I wonder if Keanu Reeves keeps up with Alex Winter?” It turns out he does. And they’ve been planning “Bill and Ted 3″ for the past 19 years.

For the record there was a second movie, “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.” According to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, the film was supposed to be called “Bill and Ted Go to Hell” but it was scrapped for obvious marketing reasons. Anyway, if you’re in the mood for a bogus journey, I would recommend watching “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.”

“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” however, is an incredible film. It’s the only pop-cultural educational film I can readily call to mind. Imagine going into a studio today with the elevator pitch, “We’re going to make learning fun” and getting a green light? This would be impossible, because learning is not fun. How it slipped by the first time is beyond me.

The plot of the third “Bill and Ted” installment is open to speculation. For starters, people who play guitar aren’t famous anymore or culturally relevant, so all their air guitar-ing won’t make any sense. The only famous guitarist is John Mayer. If John Mayer makes a cameo in “Bill and Ted 3″ I am walking out of the theater.

Second, George Carlin is dead, so there is no Rufus. Winter told MTV, “It’s actually stopped us in the past — why do it without Rufus? We’ve been delicate about moving around him.” But “Bill and Ted” without Rufus is like “Star Wars” without Yoda. And we all know what would have happened to Luke Skywalker without Yoda: He would have had sex with his sister.

Also, Keanu Reeves is a Very Famous Movie Star who has dated Historic Babes. Him reprising his role as Ted Logan could be pretty “retro cynical,” to quote Winter. Although I’ll take retro cynical over any teen movie that’s come out in the past decade, save “Mean Girls” and “13 Going on 30.”

The most bizarre quote from Winter’s interview with MTV: “In all seriousness, it’s a question of when the script is done, when Reeves is free, when I’m free, and getting the whole damn thing up and running.” Um, when you’re free? Whatever you say, man.

I’m looking forward to “Bill and Ted 3,” though resurrecting a film franchise can have its pitfalls. Let’s hope they don’t fail most egregiously.