Donald Trump sends ghostwriter a cease and desist to try and shut him up

Donald Trump has sent  “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz a cease and desist to stop him from speaking, MSNBC reports.

Anyone with a basic understanding of celebrity or the publishing world understood that Trump didn’t write his 1987 business self-help title. Regardless that Schwartz’s name was on the damn thing, Trump continued to take credit for the bestseller.

Earlier this week, The New Yorker caused America to shit their pants by detailing Schwartz’s experience while shadowing Trump to produce the book. In one of the article’s most memorable lines, Schwartz shares that if he could rename the book, he’d call it “The Sociopath.” I found the comparison too light. The insanity exposed in the article neither fits one single personality disorder profile nor is excusable by any proposed diagnosis. One thing is certain: Trump is a lying, unstable, conscienceless man that Schwartz says will do anything for attention, regardless the sort. Trump himself echoes the sentiment, as viewed by his comments regarding Melania’s stolen speech.

Considering the news of the cease and desist, perhaps Trump draws the line at sociopath. Perhaps now that the primaries are over and he’s forced to actually run for president, Trump is terrified, grasping at straws to regain control of the narrative. Either way, let’s keep pushing him – because I would love to see a general election-fueled meltdown from Trump (before he gets the nuclear codes, because Schwartz says that will result in the end of civilization as we know it).

[@kylegriffin1 | photo: Getty]