‘Rick and Morty’ creator animates crazy viral court transcript and it’s amazing

If you somehow managed to miss the craziest courtroom transcript ever taken down by a stenographer, here’s a brief refresher. Alleged murderer Denver Allen appeared before the Honorable Judge Bryant “Fuckman-Ass” Durham in June, and the two had a long, profanity laden back-and-forth that included repeated accusations made by Allen that the judge wanted to “suck his dick” and the judge ordering the defendant to “jack off, right now” in the courtroom.

There’s much more to the transcript, and it should be read in its entirety, but that’s all you need to appreciate this clip from “Rick and Morty” creator Justin Roiland, who animated and voiced the entire thing for a screening at this year’s Comic-Con. It turns out the batshit, fast-paced dialogue is perfect for the way the characters from the show speak.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the Adult Swim show (and you should be, it’s one of the best on television), the clip is more than worth a view.

[Polygot Platypus]